IQU - Interactive Query Utility


IQU is an Interactive Query Utility for Firebird and InterBase (for Windows platforms).

Most professional developers spend a significant portion of their life behind SQL statements. IQU is there to make you fly through your database. (Ok, we know, it's never fast enough). Do not expect some fancy GUI Builder. Just a small command based tool with hotkeys and some very usefull features.


The key features of IQU

  • Create complex SQL scripts (using parameters, calling external programs or subscripts etc).
  • Redirect the output of queries into an Excel file (without having Excel installed).
  • Can be called from the command line or from a program (using the DLL interface).
  • Hotkeys for execution of partial SQL statements / table content inspection / meta data etc
  • Copy/Paste from and to environments such as Delphi. (It will create or get rid of all the ''+ stuff).