IQU - Basics

Connecting to a database

There are three ways to connect to your database:

CONNECT 'localhost:c:\databases\example.fdb';
CONNECT 'localhost:c:\databases\example.fdb' USER 'sysdba';
CONNECT 'localhost:c:\databases\example.fdb' USER 'sysdba' PASSWORD 'masterkey';

In situation 2 and 3 IQU will show a dialog to your enter name and password.

Warning !!

If IQU is setup to store your most recently used connect statement it will store the complete statement! As a result your password will be stored in the IQU.ini file if you have used the full connect statement. The last connect statement will be displayed when you restart IQU.

Terminating a query

Before executing a query, IQU stores the sql in the file IQU.qry. This file will be removed after the query has been executed. When you terminate IQU before the query has terminated, the file will remain. When you restart IQU it will display your last query.

The settings file IQU.ini

Color_Scheme Default = White on a black background.


Classic = Yellow on blue background.
Store_Connect 1 = The must recently used connect statement will be stored using 'LastConnectString=...' in the ini file.
Character_Set The default character set which will be used on connect. The SET CHARACTER_SET command will override the character set.
Transaction_Mode The transaction mode which will be used. Possible values: ReadOnly, ReadCommitted, Snapshot. The SET TRANSACTION_MODE command will override the transactiom mode.
Client_Library The Firebird/Interbase client library will be used. Possible values: Auto, FBClient, GDS32, FBEmbed. The SET CLIENT_LIBRARY command will override the client library.